6 trends that will dominate the fall season

Fall is almost here and it’s often said to be the best season of the year for fashion. ¬†Here are six looks to rock this Fall/Winter 2017.

  1. Burgundy (anything burgundy really)
photo via Zara
zara dress
Frilled embroidered dress from Zara

2. Pantsuit

photo via Zara
zara suit
Classic pantsuit from Zara


3.  Metallic

foto via Harpers Bazaar
Classic silhouette with a futuristic twist


4. Winter Florals (I’m super ecstatic to continue with my fave summer trend into the fall season)

foto via Harpers Bazaar

winter florals


5. The Trench

foto via Harpers Bazaar

Trench coat


6. Check Mate

foto via Harpers Bazaar
Check Mate
Pantsuit checkmate – 2 birds, 1 stone

Excited for the new Strathberry Collection

I’m absolutely gaga over this brand’s collection. ¬†The pieces are classic and exquisite.

Shop the Strathberry collection
Strathberry - Luxury Leather Accessories

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How Christian Louboutin vacations Portugal

I came across this article again even though it was written last September, but I thought I’d post it here since it combines my favourite shoe designer and my favourite destination. ¬†Although I am Canadian, my parents are Portuguese and the love for my culture runs through my blood. ¬†Travelling to Portugal since childhood, I’ve grown to appreciate the rich scenery and historic nature of the lands. ¬†From north to south, you see exactly what you expect to see in Europe. ¬†Unfiltered beauty, cobbled stone streets, historical churches and buildings. ¬†I will be in Porto this month and will surely make a stop in the Alentejo to experience the beauty Mr. Louboutin himself describes so perfectly. ¬†Read article here

Photo by Richard Grassie from the original article

Christian Louboutin in Portugal

5 Benefits of Watermelon

I’ve always loved watermelon. Practically watermelon everything from candy, gum, juice etc… I used to work in a corporate office where one of my coworkers ate watermelon for breakfast, lunch and a midday snack. ¬†I noticed that she’d do this starting in May and all throughout the summer. ¬†I asked her why the watermelon overdose and she replied, “how do you think I stay so skinny?”. ¬†Okay, I was sold, but I never took it to the extreme as she did. ¬†Even if i wanted to, I don’t think I could, I need substance. ¬†So I compromised. I would try to eat it at least once a day. ¬†Now, whenever summer is about to roll in, I eat and drink more watermelon. ¬†It’s not only delicious and yummy, it’s also super good for you. ¬† See the 5 reasons why:
1. It is the ideal drink to lose weight due to its low calories.

2. Watermelon is composed of about 90% water and contains vitamins A and C , as well as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. 

3. It is the  perfect antioxidant : it is natural, it eliminates toxins and strengthens the immune system.

4. After doing physical exercise, it is a great option for re-hydration of the body .

5. Better yet, it helps keep your skin tanned longer .

Article & Photo by Vogue.pt